Andrew Worthy, from Newcastle upon Tyne, started his business, Wordsworthy English Language Services, in February 2017 after a decline in music education led to the closure of his existing music tuition business.

With extensive professional experience in education, Andrew identified a fulfilling opportunity to support higher education international students with their academic research and writing.

Based in the North East, the education consultancy supplies English language and academic tutoring to international students at PhD and Master levels.

Speaking about starting up his new business, Andrew said:

“The motivation to start my new business came from my previous endeavour with my music tuition business. Having founded and managed a reputable music tuition service for over eight years, the challenge was trying to apply the skills I acquired as a tutor to another outlet.

“For me, it only made sense to focus my existing skills into a similar field of work which is how Wordsworthy English Language Services was founded.”

Andrew received support from PNE Enterprise to start his new business, and attended a 2 Day Intensive Business Course and Boost Your Business, a 3-day fully-funded course designed to support growing businesses.

He said: “The PNE Enterprise Team were hugely supportive and encouraging during the start-up process and to a large extent, the process would have been problematic without this support. Having expert advice and guidance was invaluable.

“The Boost Your Business course was a massive opportunity not only to further skill development in support of business advancements but also to network with other business owners and to exchange knowledge and experiences.”

Lee Longstaff, Project Manager at PNE Enterprise, said: “Andrew came to us with a business idea and, having already managed and owned a successful business for a number of years, already had the important knowledge and understanding of what it takes to run a business.

“Having worked closely with Andrew during the initial start-up stage, I can say first hand that he has been a pleasure to work with and we wish him all the very best for the future.”