Event Date

15/07/2022 10:00 am to 15/07/2022 1:00 pm

Event Partner

CDC Enterprise Agency

In this session we’ll be looking at the power you have within your business simply by having an open mind, using the power of a positive mindset, and putting in place good daily habits to excel your business and attract your success.


Learn how to effectively set goals and understand an introduction to the law of attraction. We will explore what is holding you back, why this is the case and address your fear and worries when it comes to running your own business.


You will leave this session with…


  • • A clearer understanding of how your mindset plays an active role in your success
  • • Understanding your mind and why we procrastinate
  • • Setting bigger goals and breaking them down
  • • How to implement good daily habits for you and your business to grow

Event Details

  • DH3 3RA